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Posted by Simpson10p - November 27th, 2007

... Hermione lay on the carpet in front of the warm fire of Gryfindor tower, stroking her lips & eying Harry, he wasn't going to turn down a chance like this! Harry edged towards Hermione, undoing his belt as he went. He lay down beside her & kissed her full on the lips as he felt his snake growing in his pants. He felt the wave of heat from the fire crash over him and he slowly started to undo the buttons of her blouse, then reached around the back of her & removed her bra, revealing her soft, lushous breasts. Still kissing her, Harry gently massaged her nipples until they were erect and hard. He softly licked Hermione's nipples & she started to moan. Harry worked his way down her body, kissing it as he went & pulled of her skirt and panties with his teeth to reveal her beautiful, moist, shaven pussy. He parted Hermione's warm lips & sensually licked her clitoris. Hermione moaned loudly as she writhed with extacy on the carpet. She had never felt anything this good in her life!

Then Harry reached out his arm, his finger at the ready & inserted it into Ron's warm, throbbing anus & forced in & out at his leisure. The Ron got up & gradually parted Harry's buttcheecks in a marvelous, raw goatse. Hermione moved next to Ron, & sporting a strap-on, graciously rammed it up Harry's butthole. Ron started to massage Hermione's gleaming breast from the back & slowly penetrated her asshole. Then Hermione released a huge river of diarrhea right onto Ron's huge, nine inch meat wand. He felt pleasure & disgust at the same time. He lapped up & swallowed it all & pucked it up onto Hermione's back. It glistened in the firelight as it gradually ran down onto her gorgeous ass. The friction from Hermione's dildo started to burn at Harry's anus until it inevitably tore, leaving Hermione covered in a mixture of blood & shit. She rubbed it all over her sexy body.

Then all 3 of them rolled around in their own blood, shit & vomit on the ground until they all came. they all agreed that it was the best orgy EVER!

Harry Potter fan fiction

Posted by Simpson10p - August 2nd, 2007

I love EVERYONE!!!! & EVERYONE loves ME!!!!!!!!!!!!